LIST: Public Secondary Schools Region V – Bicol Region Division: Legaspi City

It is our short term goal to reach out to the students in secondary public schools particularly in Bicol as well as nation wide. Our long term goal is to assist in establishing libraries. To date, we were able to visit and reach out to Pawa High School last July 11, 2011 and we will keep going back to do community literacy programs.


  1. Arimbay High School (formerly Pag-asa NHS, Arimbay Extn.) Pag-Asa National High School-Arimbay Extension – Arimbay LEGAZPI CITY  (Capital)
  2. Banquerohan NHS – – Banquerohan  LEGAZPI CITY  (Capital)
  3. Cabangan High School (formerly Banquerohan NHS (Night) Extn.) BNHS-Oro Site Extension (Annex) Night – Cabagñan LEGAZPI CITY  (Capital)
  4. Gogon High School (formerly Pag-asa NHS, Gogon Extn.) Pag-Asa National High School-Gogon Extension Barriada #38-Gogon LEGAZPI CITY  (Capital)
  5. Homapon High School – – Homapon LEGAZPI CITY  (Capital)
  6. Legaspi City HS – – Bitano LEGAZPI CITY  (Capital)
  7. Maslog High School – Centro Maslog LEGAZPI CITY  (Capital)
  8. Oro Site High School (formerly Banquerohan NHS, Oro Site (Day) Extn.) BNHS-Oro Site Extension – Oro Site LEGAZPI CITY  (Capital)
  9. Pagasa NHS – Pag-Asa  Rawis LEGAZPI CITY  (Capital)
  10.  Pawa High School (formerly Pag-asa NHS, Pawa Extn.) Pawa National High School-Pawa Extension – Pawa LEGAZPI CITY  (Capital)  
  11. SPED Center Regional SPED Center – Pag-Asa Rawis LEGAZPI CITY  (Capital)
  12. Taysan Resettlement Integrated School

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